HVAC Monitoring

This page shows the usage of my furnace - including the air conditioning.

As of April 2013, these graphs are functioning again! They should be updated every hour.

Blog entries have been created to track this project's progress. They are on flyinglow under the category of furnace. Check it out!

Records. I have started a page to collect graphs that capture interesting or record setting events.


Time to change the filter?

This graph plots relative vacuum of the fan chamber on my furnace. I have written up some details on the MPXV5004G sensor that is used.

A significant drop most likely indicates that I've replaced the old dirty filter with a clean new one. The "noise" (more prominent in the winter when the continuous fan is set to low) is the furnace cycling on / off.

Hourly records for the past 7 days

6 hour averages for the past month

Daily averages for the past year