RC Planes

My current version of this airborne hobby. After spinning out of control with the control line birds, I invested in a 1/2A Hummer - an acrobatic 049 R/C airplane that I spent one winter building. I got stumped on the engine mount and it sat for over a year. I joined the WRCC (started attending in the fall of 2007) this year and have added to my collection of planes that I cannot fly yet. I have started a list of local (to Winnipeg, MB) clubs that may be of interest to you.

My current fleet includes:

StarLITE Parkflyer (2008 - ) Not flown, still being assembled.

1/2A Hummer (2005 - ) I have never flown it. A friend converted it to electric in 2007, however, it crashed during an initial test flight.

Sophisticated Lady (2007 - ) Some initial flights, and some repairs.

MicroWhiz (2007 - ) Have not flown. Purchased mainly for the parts. The engine, speed controller and battery have been installed in the Lady for 'powered' gliding.

Parkzone Citabria (2008 - ) First flight will be Monday, March 17, 2008.